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  Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder
Dr Ira Fedder

The following publications, featuring Dr. Ira L. Fedder may be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Disc Herniation Advances (.pdf)

  1: McAfee PC, Geisler FH, Saiedy SS, Moore SV, Regan JJ, Guyer RD, Blumenthal SL, Fedder IL, Tortolani PJ, Cunningham B. Revisability of the CHARITE artificial disc replacement; analysis of patients enrolled in the U.S. Ide study of the CHARITE Artificial Disc. Spine, 31 (11): 1217-26 2006.

2: McAfee PC, DeVine JG, Chaput CD, Prybis BG, Fedder IL, Cunningham BW, Farekk DJ, Hess SJ, Vigna FE. The indications for Interbody fusion cages in the treatment of spondylolisthesis: analysis of 120 cases. Spine. 2005 Mar 15;30(6 suppl):S60-5.

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21: Fedder IL. Alcohol Withdrawal. PharmAlert 1976; (8): 2-3.

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